Engadget: Song Airlines� Linux-based Distributed Media System

“We recently took a trip on Song Airlines, who last year made
some waves when they fitted their planes with a Linux-based
distributed in-flight multimedia system. It’s kind of nice to know
that such a trimmed-down airline spared no expense on a system
that, judging by its use, was obviously top-grade. And what a fine
thing it is to have when you don’t have a laptop or book with you.
Man, even if you do have a laptop or book, it’s a pretty enticing

“We dug up some information on the system for you, and we were
even lucky enough to grab some shots of the system while the flight
attendant staff were looking the other direction. But since we
weren’t about to get tackled like terrorists to get ’em, forgive us
if they’re not the best quality…”


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