ENT Magazine: Windows NT Scalability: The shortcomings of Windows NT 4.0 and the

Daniel Lark writes:

To counter the Windows NT articles proclaiming Windows NT
scalibility, an NT
trade journal admits that NT 4 doesn’t scale well

An interesting quote from the article – “We looked at Cluster
Server for Nasdaq and for other applications. Although it?s a
viable platform for departmental applications, especially those
based around Exchange and SQL Server, for mission critical
environments it?s simply too slow and not scalable

On slightly differ tact: “But for many shops the issue is not
about what to buy next, but how to consolidate numerous servers
running on older systems that use Pentium and Pentium Pro
, and ease management and maintenance concerns.
Server consolidation is a hot trend in many IT shops these days.
Unfortunately, it remains an unrealized dream in most Windows NT
environments.” My answer is make ’em Linux boxen and extend their