Enterprise Linux Today: Alta Terra Releases Beta of its BearOps Linux Server Package

“Alta Terra Ventures Corp., an aggressively growing
full-service Linux provider, announced today that their new
enterprise level server product in now in final beta testing. The
operating system will be a real asset to system administrators and
those involved in enterprise level network servers. It creates a
robust and stable server platform that can be used for e-mail
daemons, printer sharing, file serving, ftp servers, data base
servers, ISP or ASP servers, everyday networks and more. The
BearOps Linux Server Package allows the user to maximize their
network and to connect to many other platforms running Linux,
Windows, Unix, Mac OS, Novell and others.

The BearOps Linux Server Package is built using the 2.4.12
kernel, the Gnome 1.4 desktop,and will include graphical user
interface (GUI) management tools, such as a centralized control
panel for easy management. The product features auto hardware
detection for most devices. This unique product will allow the user
to locate, install, or remove packages, and obtain software updates
online including various security updates. The BearOps Linux Server
Package uses selected benefits and advantages from Progeny and
Debian distributions, and is fully compatible with the rigorous and
highly efficient Debian package management system, permitting users
to obtain packages from any of the Debian mirrors.”


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