Enterprise Mobile Today: Android No. 3 Mobile OS After iOS, Java ME

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“Net Applications’ stats show iOS as far and away the most
dominant operating system in the market, with 52.10 percent share,
followed by Java ME with 21.27 percent. Android came in third with
16.29 percent of the market. This represents the second month of
slipping share for Android, which held second place with18.86
percent share in October (compared with Java ME’s 12.81 percent
share). Android dropped to 16.72 percent in November.

“Those numbers may seem strange to some, as Java ME is the
runtime environment that allows ‘feature phones,’ sometimes
referred to as “dumbphones,” to access the Internet. And US
carriers in the past had relatively little success getting feature
phone owners to sign up for data plans. Also, research firm
comScore reported in December that Android held 46.9 percent share
of the American smartphone market, trailed by Apple with 28.7
percent and RIM with 16.6 percent”

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