Enterprise VoIPPlanet: VoIPowering your Office with Asterisk–Building a Test Lab, Part 3

[ Thanks to Carla
for this link. ]

“Welcome to our final installment in building your own
[email protected] test lab. Part 1 covered hardware requirements, and
installing [email protected] Part 2 took us as far as setting up a
local PBX and having local extensions calling each other. Today we
shall connect to the big bad outside world.

“But first, I am going to keep my promise of showing you how to
replace the stock [email protected] logo with a logo of your own. You
might want to do this just to put your company identity on your
Asterisk server, or you may need to reassure a nervous boss who
thinks that the name ‘[email protected]’ means it is not suitable for
the enterprise. On the contrary, [email protected] is an enterprise
powerhouse, so don’t let the name get in the way…”