Eternal Vigilance Is the Price of Linux

[ Thanks to Michael J. Jordan for this
link. ]

“Browsing around Digg the other day, I saw one of these terrible
articles about Linux. I hate to even mention these pieces of
internet litter because I’d really like to avoid giving them more
legitimacy than they deserve. It’s one of those pieces that
includes a variation on the expression ‘[n] Reasons’ in the title,
where ‘n’ is the number of arguments the author came up with before
he ran out of ideas. Digg users must like these ‘[n] Reasons’
entitled pieces, as they seem to proliferate so much over

“It was written by one Adrian Kingsley-Hughes (who I will refer
to from here on as Mr. [n]-Hughes to save space) and was posted as
a ‘blog’ entry on one of the many Ziff-Davis websites…”


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