eWeek: John Taschek: I have a bone to pick with enthusiasts

“This is the story of two dogs. One was an annoying Pomeranian,
the other a German shepherd. They were separated by leashes that
yielded a DMZ of about one foot. The Pomeranian continually baited
the shepherd to attack, which it gladly did-at full speed-only to
be yanked back to reality with minor spinal injuries. Then one day,
the shepherd broke its leash and bit the Pomeranian in half. The
authorities then put the shepherd to sleep.”

“I’m the Pomeranian. Open-source fanatics are the shepherd, and
the businesses that actually run this country are the
barbiturate-carrying vets….”

Bob Young, chairman and founder of Red Hat, launched a
personal attack that could only come from a person who has seen
nearly $1 billion of paper wealth disappear in a matter of
Perhaps I was wrong, and this industry is being beaten
into a defensive trench by monopolies that push their agendas down
everyone’s throat, stifling nascent, struggling startups.”

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