Exploring sustainable software for science

The first workshop on “Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experience,” was held at the Supercomputing Conference in Denver, CO on November 17, 2013. This meeting was organized by the Software Sustainability Institute at the University of Edinburgh and the National Science Foundation to examine how we can create sustainable software platforms that can best serve the needs of scientific research.

Prior to the workshop those who planned to attend were asked to contribute articles, distributed under an open license, to be submitted to a service that issues a digital object identifier (DOI), such as arXiv or Figshare. We were given a strict limit of four pages and a deadline for submissions. At Kitware we put together an article on “Sustainable Software Ecosystems for Open Science.” In it, we (briefly) outlined fifteen years of practice and experience at Kitware in developing open source software for science. The final and complete list of accepted submissions is available here. Each article was reviewed after publication, but before the workshop, and categorized according to the proposed panels at the workshop.