Exploring the KDE Plasma Netbook interface

[ Thanks to finid
for this link. ]

“The latest K Desktop Environment, KDE, features two
modes of interacting with the desktop – the classic Desktop
interface and the Netbook interface. On recent KDE-based
distributions that I have reviewed for this website, the default is
the classic Desktop, but switching to the Netbook interface is an
easy, few seconds process. I posted a few screenshots of the
Netbook interface in a review of Kubuntu 10.10. In this article, I
will present a detailed look at the features of this new interface

“To switch to the Netbook interface, launch System Settings and
click on the Workspace icon (under Workspace Appearance and
Behavior). The default Netbook interface is shown below.

“The interface is made of three sections – the Panel, the
Bookmarks widgets area, and the Main (Menu) widgets area.
Right-clicking on any part of the Netbook interface brings up a
context menu, and one available option allows you to add more

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