EXT2: An Interview with the VIMpire

Bram Moolenaar creator of vim interviewed by EXT2’s Rob

Kennedy: “Why did you first start vim?

Moolenaar: “I learned to use Vi during my studies and later at
work. When I got myself an Amiga 2000 for home use, I searched for
a Vi-alike that would run on the Amiga. Stevie was the program I
found. But it had bugs and missed quite a lot of the commands that
I would like to use. I started with fixing the bugs, and adding the
Vi commands that my fingers were trained to use. I called it “Vi
IMitation” back then. I started adding useful new commands after
that. That is where it became “IMproved”. I continued making
changes, and, well, I never stopped doing that.”

This interview is not just feel-good stuff. Check this out:

Kennedy: “Mind showing us your .vimrc, with some explanation for
some of it’s lines?”


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