Ext2: January Issue Delayed

The following notice is posted on the Ext2 Web site:

“January Issue Delayed

“Well it looks like the next issue is going to be delayed again.
I’ve been putting in a lot of work on the next issue and realized
that I only have 3 articles for it and two of those I wrote. The
future of ext2.org depends on submissions and we have none. It was
also mentioned to me that we should wait to publish until we have a
backlog of articles. That’s stupid. If we ever get a backlog of
articles, by the time they are posted the information is already
far enough out of date that the information may be useless. I want
to have information that’s current to the needs of our readers.

“I’ll publish when I get a few more articles. I can’t say when
that’ll be. I must admit that this is pretty frustrating.”

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