Ext2.org call for articles

As posted to C.O.L.A.


ext2.org is in the process of moving to Linuxberg
(http://www.linuxberg.com).  The March issue will be released from it's
current location, but shortly after that, it will move to Linuxberg, and
release April, and continue on at that location.

Ext2 is an online Linux magazine with articles written by Linux users,
the articles are submitted, and posted in the next issue.  Anyone can
write an article for it, there is no requirements except that it must be
about Linux or other Open Source topic.  Most articles are written by
users that have done something in Linux that they want to share with
other users to help them out.

If you have not heard of ext2, please go take a look at ext2.org, and
get a feel for what we need.  We are also looking for regular writers
that want to contribute each month, possibly writing about one topic
each month.. ie: networking, kernel development, scripting, etc..

If you have written an article, or would like to, please take a look at
ext2.org for details, or give me ([email protected]) or puma
([email protected]) an email if you have questions.

Thanks you,


Rob Kennedy  [email protected]
Webmaster - linux-howto.com, ext2.org   Helpdesk - linuxberg.com
ICQ:  12542549