Ext2: Why Linux Must Get Into The Device World

[ Thanks to Rob
for this link. ]

Before telling you why we need to conquer it, let me tell
you what is the device world.
A device can be anything: A PC,
a set-top box, a wearable computer, a handheld, a portable phone,
even a single chip.”

“The world today runs on PCs. But the world of tomorrow won’t.
Why? Simply because of the way companies are moving. Everyone is
pushing on the Internet movement, and they all want you and me to
be wired at all times, using their own devices and technologies of

“Sun introduced last year the Java ring. Handhelds since 1996
are usually based on Windows CE, the closed OS from Microsoft. Web
TV is a trademark of Microsoft. A few months ago, Microsoft
introduced special devices in China to provide connectivity to
people. They were not PCs, they run Windows CE.”