ExtremeTech: PC-Powered Buggy, Motorcycle Compete In DARPA Challenge

“Designing a car to pilot itself across the desert from Barstow,
CA to Las Vegas is hard enough. Now try doing it with only two
wheels. Or barely four.

“Among the twenty-five teams competing in the DARPA Grand
Challenge autonomous vehicle race next week is ‘The Blue Team,’ a
collection of U.C. Berkeley engineering students entering a
motorcycle, and Team LoGHIQ, a self-funded family team with
graduates from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

“The Grand Challenge is the brainstorm of the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency, the R&D arm of the Department of
Defense. After passing a preliminary test run next week, the
vehicles will be asked to navigate roughly 250 miles of untracked
desert by themselves. The human members of the team will be
permitted to watch, but not control, the cars, following a limited
time to program geographic data into the onboard computers…”


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