Fantasy and Microchips: Issue 2

“It’s been another exciting week in the Linux/Open Source
community; Following Apple’s lead, Microsoft has paid lip service
to the community in a stupid attempt to look like they know what
they’re doing, and they’ve failed horribly. Apparently Microsoft’s
definition of Open Source is different from ours, and what they
call Open Source isn’t really Open Source at all. That’s okay, a
lot of us knew better when they called Windows 3.1 an operating
system, too.”

“In the last column, I talked about the corporatization of
Linux, and how many Linux/Open Source enthusiasts are worried about
the future. I really wanted to move on to something radically
different in the second column, but Microsoft’s snippet about Open
Source only frightened people further.”

“Linux and the Open Source movement are so close ideologically
to the beginnings of Apple. Don’t blow this chance to make a
difference one last time. Think Differently.”


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