Fedora 14: Strong follow-up to 13 still suffers from same niche appeal

“As far as Linux is concerned, there are distributions that are
ready for the masses (Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, Linux Minut) and there are
distributions whose appeal doesn’t go much further than a niche of
users. Fedora Linux, however, is a distribution that seems to want
to vacillate between target audiences. At one point Fedora wants to
reach out to a massive scope of users. At the next point Fedora
seems to focus on a far, far smaller audience. And it seems this
vacillation happens just about every release.

“When Fedora 13 arrived, it seemed as if it was on the crux of
leaping from the small, niche audience, to a grander scale. It was
stable, it was fast, it played very well on the desktop and with
desktop hardware. It looked like Fedora was ready to lock itself
onto the fast track of becoming what could be a top distribution
for the average user.

“And then Mark Shuttleworth made two major announcements:”