Fedora 25 Linux OS to Arrive on November 15, Ship with Wayland by Default

Wayland is a modern technology, the next generation display server designed as a drop-in replacement for the old X.Org Server or X11 as many of you out there might want to call the display server almost all GNU/Linux distributions are currently using by default.

But there are many security-released issues with X11 that for some reason can’t be fixed, so it’s time for the open-source ecosystem to adopt Wayland. The Wayland adoption has been slowly but steadily growing, especially amongst open source software projects, in particular, those from the GNOME and KDE stacks, but also Enlightenment and other applications that aren’t distributed as part of a stack and are actively developed. On the other hand, Canonical is working on their own display server for Ubuntu Linux, called Mir, also as an X11 replacement.

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