Fedora 27 Workstation Linux Could Let You Share Printers from Android Devices

Fedora Workstation is the main edition of the GNU/Linux distribution, based on the modern and popular GNOME desktop environment, and while work on the upcoming Fedora 26 release is ongoing, it looks like the development team is already preparing some goodies for the next major release after Fedora 26, namely Fedora 27 Workstation, which promises to allow users to easily share printers. It’s a known fact that on of the main features of the Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) operating system was called “driverless printing,” meaning that the OS supported printing without printer-specific drivers. Support for IPP Everywhere and Apple AirPrint printers was added, and it should also come with the Fedora Linux distribution to allow users to share printers with their mobile devices.