Fedora Linux’s DNF Package Manager Hits the 2.0 Milestone, Now in Fedora Rawhide

DNF 2.0.0 is a major update of the default package management system used in the Red Hat-based Fedora distribution, but it doesn’t look like it landed in the stable Fedora 25 version just yet, most probably because of the incompatibilities with the DNF 1.x series. Therefore, DNF 2.0.0 is now available in Fedora Rawhide. Over 60 bugs reported by users since DNF 1.1.10, the last maintenance update to the DNF 1.x branch, have been fixed in DNF 2.0.0, whose development cycle was mostly focus on addressing various of the annoying YUM incompatibilities, such as treating yum configuration options like “exclude,” “include” and “includepkgs” the same.