Fedora Project Officially Turns 9

The good ‘ol days… For many of our readers, the good ‘ol days came far before the year 2003. For this writer, Fedora Core 1 was the release that made me a full-time Linux user. Yarrow was released just a couple of months after the Fedora Project’s homepage was registered on November 16th, 2003.

I had been using Linux for fun since 1998, when I picked up a copy of Mandrake 5.1 at the local used books store. I didn’t spend too much time back in those days of dial-up in dependency hell, but by the time Fedora Core 1 came around I had finally dedicated myself to using an RPM-based distribution full-time. I spent many hours at websites like freshrpms.net satisfying the needs of the latest and greatest packages I needed. Also, I gladly fought against XFree86 desperately trying to make it behave with my GeForce 2 MX PCI video card.