FFmpeg 3.1.5 “Laplace” Multimedia Framework Released for GNU/Linux Distributions

FFmpeg 3.1.5 was released on October 22, and it’s now considered the latest stable and most FFmpeg release from the 3.1 release branch, dubbed “Laplace,” which was officially released at the end of June 2016 and currently used in almost all GNU/Linux distributions. As expected, FFmpeg 3.1.5 includes updated library versions, among which we can mention libavutil 55.28.100, libavcodec 57.48.101, libavformat 57.41.100, libavdevice 57.0.101, libavfilter 6.47.100, libavresample 3.0.0, libswscale 4.1.100, libswresample 2.1.100, as well as libpostproc 54.0.100.