Firefox 2 + Alpha 2 = Reviews, 2

Phoronix: A Tour of Bon Echo Alpha 2

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“Released Friday afternoon was Mozilla Firefox Bon Echo Alpha 2
— the second development milestone in the road to Mozilla Firefox
2.0, which is expected for a release later this year. In this
latest Firefox 2.0a2 release, which is targeted solely at
developers and testers, are quite a few prominent changes. Rather
than simply providing screenshots or the release notes for this
feature-filled release, we have independently examined most of the
changes, and today at Phoronix we have some details to share in
regards to these newly implement features…”

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mozilla links: Bon Echo (aka Firefox 2) Alpha 2 Review

“At first sight, you will noticed that as promised, close
buttons have been added to each tab for a more natural, intuitive
handling. It may take a while to adapt for long time Firefox users
but new comers should find this new placement more logical.
Background tabs close buttons are hidden only for space saving,
when it’s not an issue it’s displayed for all the tabs.

“The search box now resizes automatically according to the
window size and has been enhanced with the name of the search
engine displayed in the search box along with the search engine

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