Firefox 4.0 Approaches: What’s in Store for Linux Users?

“After being in development far longer than planned, Mozilla is
on the brink of releasing Firefox 4.0. The wait has been worth it,
though. Firefox 4.0 brings a bunch of improvements from the user
interface to the new Jägermonkey JavaScript engine. Is it time
for Linux users to upgrade? Absolutely.

“Some of the major new features in Firefox 4.0? Let’s start with
Jägermonkey, the new JavaScript engine. Firefox was getting a
lot of heat from the Chrome folks over the speed of Firefox. While
Firefox has been much beloved for its add-ons, it was becoming
widely recognized as just a bit on the sluggish side. The new
JavaScript engine may or may not be exactly on par with Chrome, but
it certainly feels much snappier than the Firefox 3.6.x

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