Firefox Gets BitTorrent

“BitTorrent is one of the most popular mechanisms for
peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. For the most part BitTorrent
client applications have been standalone tools, but now, thanks to
open source startup AllPeers, Firefox users can take advantage of
BitTorrent inside of their browsers.

“‘With AllPeers you just click on a link for a torrent and it’s
just like downloading a normal file; you can download it right in
the browser,’ Matthew Gertner, Allpeer CTO, told InternetNews.com.
‘With a feature called Social BitTorrent, which is totally unique
to AllPeers, when I start to download files from a Torrent, I can
use the same drag and share feature to share with others. It’s the
path of least resistance for sharing files.’

“AllPeers has been providing P2P file sharing for over two years
already, though until now the company was limited to its own
private network for peers. With the BitTorrent capability, the
technology has now expanded the number of files available to its