Flash/nVidia horrors, Gnome/KDE fights in Fedora

[ Thanks to M.
for this link. ]

“Just a few days after I had brought back my Fedora
computer to life, the last updates in kernel, nVidia driver from
RPMfusion and what not did to my Fedora 14 box (the same that was
damn slow three weeks ago) what you see in these pictures, taken
while visiting a recent Linux.com article on microformats (sorry
for their quality, but I had to take pictures because screenshots
wouldn’t show the “sticky ad”). It happens on other websites too.

“Basically, whenever I loaded that or other web pages that
contain a Flash ad, that ad would remain on screen. This made
working impossible again. Sure, theoretically I could block Flash,
but there are a few websites that I must use to work that only
function if Flash is enabled.

“If I moved Firefox to the right part of the screen, that square
ad would remain in the center, where it had appeared when I had
originally loaded that page. Every other window that happened to
occupy part of that initial square area would have that part
covered by the corresponding part of the Flash ad.”

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