Forbes Columnist Dan Lyons Says He Really Likes Linux, No Matter What Anyone Else Says

“During a session at the 2007 Online News Association conference
in Toronto, Canada, I had a chance to point my video camera at
Forbes columnist (and Fake Steve Jobs blogger) Dan Lyons. He told
me that people who say he dislikes Linux are not being fair to him;
that out of 70 articles he’s written about Linux, 67 have been
positive, and he absolutely denies that he is paid by Microsoft to
write what he does about Linux, Apple, or anything else.

“One thing that comes through strongly in the video is that Dan
Lyons dislikes Groklaw.net and its founder, Pamela Jones, a.k.a.
PJ. But then, Groklaw and PJ don’t have much love for Dan,