Forbes: Companies Bet On Embedded Linux

[ Thanks to LinuxDevices.com for this link.

“Underscoring what looks like a new trend, on April 10 Motorola
(nyse: MOT) and TurboLinux will announce the acquisition of stakes
in Lynx Real-Time Systems, which is developing versions of the
Linux open-source operating system for set-top boxes, Web tablets,
printers, phone switches and other non-PC hardware.”

“The market for embedded Linux is starting to look more alluring
than the market for off-the-shelf Linux. For one thing, there will
be more information appliances than PCs by 2001, according to
International Data Corp. Another reason is that while Microsoft
still dominates the packaged-OS world, next-generation
communication and networking devices are very much unsettled

“Because it is small, fast and stable, Linux appears to be
ideal for handheld devices that can’t accommodate even the most
stripped-down version of Windows.
Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT) has
hinted that it might make its Windows CE operating system for
handhelds available to developers for free, which could help it
compete in the appliance market. But Linux has a huge head