Foresight Linux (Because Your Desktop Should be Cool!)

“Well, first off, I gave up on CentOS. I reached a point to
where it was not worth any further troubleshooting. I agree 100%
(and always will) that CentOS/RHEL is a wonderful server platform,
but it simply wouldn’t work for me as a desktop workstation.

“I was a little let down this weekend–I’ve wound up being
ultimately disappointed by KDE4 (at least in it’s current
state–either ‘Stable’ or the SVN tree), I liked what I saw of
openSUSE but I kinda need my optical drive to be functional, and
I’m determined not to run Ubuntu. Yes, Ubuntu works for me (at
least after a little tweaking–I hate brown) but much (not all) of
the community surrounding it drives me nuts. I want a Linux distro
I can be a part of–not just a passive user of, and I simply don’t
fit in with much of the Ubuntu crowd…”

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