Four Android Apps to Use for Daily Reading

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for this link. ]

“I do a lot of reading. In fact, I can spend around two
hours a day reading a mixture of text and audiobooks. In addition
to books, I also like to read various news and blog sites. In this
article, I will feature the apps I use to accomplish my daily
reading on my Android device, an HTC Evo.

“Google Reader

“Google Reader is not an app installed on my Evo. Instead, I use
the web app with the Android web browser. The web interface is
quite a bit more simplistic on the Evo–as with other mobile
devices–than it is for the desktop browsers. Upon first opening
Google Reader, it gives a list of the most recent headlines from
all of my feeds. I don’t begin there. I usually tap the Feeds
button to see a list of my feeds and then tap each feed to read the
respective headlines. Individual headlines can be expanded to
either the short version of the article or the full article,
depending on which the provider uses. Reader provides several
sorting options, the ability to mark all as read, and the ability
to search. From the feeds list, Reader also provides the ability to
add additional feeds to the list. Reader is simplistic and it gives
me easy access to my various news and blog feeds. That is why I use


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