Free e-mail to WWW gateway (commercial edition available)

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PROFUSO proudly announces version 1.0  of  PROFUSO  Mail  Gateway
"Personal  Edition",  the  freely available personal email to WWW

We can make this powerful software available for free because the
development  of  Personal  Edition is supported by its commercial
edition (PROFUSO Mail Gateway Server Edition), that is  multiuser
and lets you create web based e-mail services (like H*tmail).

PROFUSO Mail Gateway is a server software for the Linux operating
system  that  allows  to send and receive e-mail using only a web
browser. PROFUSO Mail Gateway extends all the functionality of e-
mail,  including  multimedia  and attachments, over the WWW. When
installed on your Linux web server, all you need  for  e-mail  is
your favourite browser.

PROFUSO Mail Gateway is available in two versions: "Personal Edi-
tion", that is single user and freely available from our WWW site
and  "Server Edition",  that is commercial and multiuser and lets
you create your own free web e-mail service in minutes.

PROFUSO Mail Gateway includes the following features:

   - it runs on a UNIX/Linux system for Internet or Intranet use;
   - retrieving, reading, replying, writing new mail, ... using a
     nice WWW GUI;
   - uploading  of one  *or more*  attachments directly from your
     browser (works only with Netscape 3 or IE 3.2 or later);
   - it works with any SMTP/POP3 server, including UNIX and NT;
   - compatibility  with  MIME  attachments  (both  *sending* and
     receiving !);
   - you can move mail from your mailbox or leave on the server;
   - it  is fully localizable ! You can have all messages in your
     own language. English and italian are preconfigured, but you
     can add *ANY OTHER LANGUAGE* simply editing a file !!!;
   - it saves mailboxes in a standard UNIX format;
   - it can run under SSL WWW servers for secure mail reading;
   - it is customizable with a wide veriety of styles or colours;
   - it uses folders (Incoming, Received, Sent, Trash, ...);
   - links  inside  the  mail  (http://..., mailto:, ...)  appear

The Server Edition adds other important features:

   - is multiuser.  You can create your own H*tmail like service;
   - each  user  can configure his own preferences (language, POP
     account, ...);
   - various  WWW subscription form are supplied on our WWW site,]
     as GPLed software;
   - works  with the most common authentication methods supported
     by Apache (.htpasswd, mSQL, ...);
   - free  upgrade  for  registered  users  (up to the next major
   - free e-mail support for registered users;

You can download your free copy or obtain more information on the
Server Edition at our site:



  Giuseppe Zanetti
  [email protected]

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