Free Software & GNU/Linux Forum — Logan, UT

[ Thanks to Kara for this
announcement: ]

FSLC the Free Software and
GNU/Linux Club at University State University is hosting their
first USU Free Software and GNU/Linux Forum tomorrow, September 19,

Events begin at 2:00pm with an exhibit floor and various
presentations on various Free Software topics and end at 7:00pm
with prize drawings and a keynote speech from Richard Stallman,
founder of the Free Software

Stallman will give a presentation on how the Free Software
Movement and the GNU/Linux Operating System is taking the IT world
by storm. The USU Forum will be the last stop for Stallman’s tour
discussing Free Software issues. His appearance is being sponsored
by USU’s Computer Science

Another special guest will be Kara Pritchard. Pritchard, author
of the RHCE Exam Cram, is the Assistant Director for Program
Development for the Linux
Professional Institute
and will be discussing Linux
Certification issues with attendees, and will also be working with
event coordinators to continue building the LUGs Resource Project.
Pritchard’s attendance is being sponsored by LinuxGruven, a Linux Technical
Support and Professional Services provider based in St. Louis,

Other presentations being featured at the event include exhibits
from ArsDigita, Caldera, Guru Labs, Iodynamics, Xmission and SuSE. For more information about this
event, contact Robert Mello, [email protected].