Free Software Magazine: Is Microsoft Bracketed by GNU/Linux?

“An interesting thing is about to happen to home computing–the
‘Desktop’ that GNU/Linux never seems able to liberate from
proprietary Windows may be just about to become irrelevant. Three
independent, ultra-low-end computing platforms are being
released—platforms that, like the first ‘desktop PCs’ will be
mostly owned by people who’ve never owned computers before. Every
one of them will run GNU/Linux!

“Considering that GNU/Linux and other free operating systems are
already a major force on the high end of servers, mainframes, and
supercomputers and that GNU/Linux has begun to become extremely
popular in embedded computers because of its portability and low
cost—the once almighty desktop is now bracketed on the top
and bottom by newer, GNU/Linux-based systems. Microsoft’s core
domain is starting to look kind of puny and obsolete…”