FreeBSD-Based TrueOS 17.12 Focuses on Faster Boot, Bhyve and LibreSSL Support

Synced with the FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT and FreeBSD ports tree software repositories as of December 4 and November 30, 2017, respectively, TrueOS 17.12 is an incremental update to the operating system adding improvements to the OpenRC-based boot process, removable-device management, LibreSSL and SysAdm API integrations, as well as Bhyve support for TrueOS Server Install. As expected, TrueOS 17.12 ships with Lumina Desktop 1.4.1 as default desktop environment, which brings a new theme engine and ZFS integrations. Support for multiple simultaneous graphical sessions has been added to the PCDM login manager as well, and TrueOS’s integrated update system now features an “active” update backend where you need to click the “Update Now” button in PCDM, Lumina or SysAdm to start the update process.