Freedom Forum: Welcome to the Post-Microsoft Era

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for this link. ]

“As exciting as it was to see a federal judge smack Microsoft
around, it’s also tantalizing to wonder what might have happened if
nature had been permitted to take its own course. Even though
Jackson’s findings read at times like an open-source manifesto, OS
advocates seemed a bit stung that the judge dissed the movement,
saying he didn’t consider Linux a serious competitive threat to

“As happy as they were with his opinions, OS champions were also
clearly disappointed that they weren’t the ones who get to bring
Microsoft to its knees without federal judicial help, something
they’re confident they would eventually have done….”

Even though the judge dismissed them as still-marginal,
powerful and resilient techno-movements like Linux and open source
(“I think he underestimates the competitive threat of Linux,” OS
advocate Eric Raymond told Salon on Nov. 5) were already nibbling
away at the monolith from one end. Raymond may be right.


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