FreeOS.com: Guide to X-terminal setup

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“X-Terminals are a great way to revive your old machine or make
your diskless workstation that much more productive. StarOffice 5.2
may not run on your 486, but you can run it off another machine and
export the display to your monitor.”

“The dusty old machine lying in the corner can be revived with
Linux. But when it comes to more memory hungry apps like Netscape
and StarOffice then you’re at a loss. If however, you have a Linux
machine on your network with bigger hardware then you’re in luck.
Make that the X server and designate the low end machine as the X

The X-terminal concept is essentially like telneting into a
machine and then running some application there. All the working is
done on the machine that you are connecting to but the display is
shown on your machine. That just gives you access to console mode
text applications, whereas an X-Terminal setup will give you access
to the entire range of GUI applications.
All applications will
be run on the server but the display will be exported to your
computer. The machine that you setup as the X terminal just serves
as a display. This setup works very well with diskless workstations
and older computers.”


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