FreeOS.com: Review: Red Hat 7

[ Thanks to Mayank
for this link. ]

“Red Hat 7 is the latest and greatest release to come out of
Research Triangle Park. Should it have been later and could it
possibly have been greater? Let’s find out.”

“Version 7 (Guinness) certainly has been one of the most
anticipated and hyped releases of Red Hat. It’s been out for a
while now and it’s time to see whether all that hype was justified.
We’ll be reviewing the Red Hat 7 ftp release here.”

“The first thing new about the distribution is that there are
now two installation CD’s. Red Hat has added a lot of new stuff
here namely OpenSSH and Tripwire for security, Kernel 2.4, Abiword,
Xfree86 4.0 and USB support. Is the added software worth it? System
administrators are still likely to go for the latest software
release off the net. Desktop users will like this because there is
quite a bit of useful and more importantly up-to-date software to
work with here.”


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