FreeOS.com: To be or not to be: GNU / Linux?

You say Linux and I say GNU/Linux. This is one topic that
leads to endless debate. Both camps are also quite vociferous and
vocal too. But should the name matter? Does the name diminish or
enhance the quality of the OS? Should a Linux or GNU/Linux user

“Recently I happened to read an article in Linux Journal, which
brought into focus the age-old debate of Linux v/s GNU/Linux. And
guess who seems to be more vociferous about this? It was good old
RMS. Fortunately or unfortunately, this issue got the better of me
and led me to think about facts I would otherwise have

“This topic is open for debate and I think it’s something that
the community should participate in with a healthy spirit. Please
don’t flame me, but if you think you have something to add to this
ongoing debate, do mail me. So, does it really matter whether we
call our Open Source OS of choice “Linux” or “GNU / Linux”? That I
can’t answer, but one thing I can say with conviction is that
stimulating this discussion is akin to walking a tight rope and not
having to take sides makes things even worse. To be or not to be is
the question. Three cheers to RMS, but all said and done, I
wouldn’t mind calling my Linux box a GNU/Linux box. It’s just that
all along we have been so accustomed to calling our friendly OS of
choice “Linux? that re-christening the OS isn’t something the
people around me are open to.”


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