Fundraising for Beowulf Cluster and Free/Open Software

Thanks to Don Hinshaw for
this link.

For Immediate Release: 01/06/99

Cool Screen Products is
a new company founded to sell silk screened items promoting
GNU/Linux and Free/Open Software. The purpose of the company is to
raise funds to build a Beowulf class clustered supercomputer for
the research and development of non-scientific cluster
applications, such as game engines and 3D rendering engines.

Cool Screen also reserves one dollar from the sale of each item
for dispersal to Non-Profit organizations in the Free/Open Software
community. Although the web site is still under development, Cool
Screen is actively taking orders at this time.

Cool Screen Products already has an email gateway programmed by
Zanshin which will
allow Quake/Quake2 level designers to email their maps to the
cluster to be compiled. This application will be the first
application loaded on the Cool Screen “Rat Pack” Beowulf cluster.
Our next application will be a similar email gateway that will
allow artists/animators to email 3D scenes to the cluster for

Cool Screen will be actively working to develop a “Resource
Allocation Daemon” (RAD) to control cluster resources. Cool Screen
feels that the RAD will be the most important project that we will
undertake in the immediate future.

email: [email protected]