gEdit, an easy to use text editor with many advanced features

[ Thanks to Linuxaria for this link.

“gEdit is a serious text editor in the tradition of many editors
that the programmer or code jockey will appreciate – syntax
highlighting in many source codes, script formats, markup formats,
and even some Scientific formats.

“I write a lot of HTML code and I find the multiple undo/redo,
find, search & replace, and the built-in code-aware spelling
checker essential on a daily basis.

“But that’s me. I’m writing about what I use on a daily basis
and gEdit is always open on my PC of the moment. I do HTML coding
for my personal website, keep lists of “To-Do” items, use it as a
scratch pad to paste whatever nuggets of wisdom I find on the
Internet and generally use it for quickly jotting down whatever I
need to note.”

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