Gedit: Don’t Get Tricked by Its Simple Looks

“With Gedit, it’s not the general appearance that counts, it’s
all the little details that make a great application. As a
programmer, I know that simple things like auto indentation and
syntax highlighting can make your job much more easier. Gedit’s can
do syntax highlighting for quite a large number of programming
languages or file formats, over 70 in fact. Also, the customizable
tab width makes it easy to structure your texts, and the option to
fill tabs with spaces makes it so much friendly to many
environments in which your files could end up. The line numbers
make it easy to collaboratively edit text files like source code,
and along with the jump to line function it provides a way to refer
and return to a certain section of the document without scrolling
through to it.

“Many text editors have trouble opening files that were created
on other platforms, or with specific encodings, and this can go as
far as replacing a specific set of characters with jibberish, which
can be very annoying. Gedit tries to detect the appropriate
encoding for the file that is opened, and the in-built UTF-8
support means that you can use any type of characters that aren’t
in the default ANSI set without worrying about compatibility.”

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