GeekNews.org Interviews Frank Smith of the Embedded Debian Project

[ Thanks to Geeknews.org for this link.

“After a bit of a delay I am happy to announce that Geeknews.org
has finally completed our interview with Frank Smith of The
Embedded Debian Project. The goal of the Embedded Debian Project is
to “make Debian GNU/Linux a natural choice for embedded Linux.”

“Geeknews.org: For our readers that are not familiar with
embedded devices, what exactly is an embedded device?”

“Frank Smith: In a nutshell, an embedded device is a
computer that is a part of something else, and performs some
specific function. Contrast that with a desktop computer, which is
a thing onto itself, and can do whatever you want it to

“Geeknews.org: Why go after the embedded market?”

“Frank Smith: Because it’s there, and it’s big :-)”