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“You’ve probably heard about Python, whether it’s been a brief
glimpse at an online article or browsing through a book, Python is
gaining popularity rapidly. More developers are switching from
other languages, such as Perl and Tcl, to Python. What is all the
fuss about? Object oriented programming (OOP). Primarily, OOP lets
programmers create reusable modules giving them greater flexibility
and efficiency. One of the main attractions to Python is it’s
ability to deal with object oriented code, similar to C++ and Java.
Whether you’re coming from a heavy Unix C/C++ programming
background, or you’re new to programming, Python is a great choice
for a wide variety of applications. Its syntax is clear and
precise, and while similar to Perl, Python is simpler.
you’re looking for a powerful yet easy solution to any kind of
task, Python will soon be your native tongue.”

“The Python interpreter is available for many operating systems,
including most Unix flavors, GNU/Linux, Windows 95/98 and NT
(Intel), Macintosh, OS/2, Amiga, BeOs, QNX, VMS, Psion, Windows CE,
RISC OS, VxWorks, and finally Windows NT for Alpha processors. Some
of these ports are still under development, but most major
operating systems have stable releases at this time. For all other
operating systems, you should check the Python web site, and see if
someone is porting Python to your OS and then download a copy of

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