Get Your Music Fix From Amazon MP3 on Linux with Clamz

” Music loving Linux users take note: Though Amazon hasn’t
updated its Linux downloader for Amazon MP3 in ages, you can still
get your MP3 fix off Amazon using clamz.

“Amazon MP3 offers a really good selection of DRM-free music,
including a fairly hefty selection of free songs and sampler
albums. But Linux users have been getting the short end of the
stick from Amazon lately, because the retail giant rarely updates
the MP3 download client for Linux. That’s not a big deal if you’re
just buying a single song, but it’s a prerequisite for downloading
Amazon albums.

“Unless you’re running Ubuntu 9.04, Fedora 11, or openSUSE 11.1
(all of which are past or nearly past their support lifecycle),
you’re out in the cold. Or are you? Linux users have at least two
options for getting their MP3 fix from Amazon: recent releases of
Banshee with Amazon MP3 Store support, and clamz.”

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