Gnome 2. Anonymous browsing with Tor

[ Thanks to linuxaria for this link.

“Personally I’ve installed Vidalia from the packages available
into my distribution. The first step is to disable Tor from the
automatic service that start at boot time and stop Tor if launched.
Once this is done, start Vidalia which starts Tor automatically.
That’s it.

“Now you can browse, maybe try to go on a test site (such as
http://www.ip-adress.com) that shows information about your
connection and… nothing has changed, you are not anonymous. The
only installation of Tor it’s not enough to make you anonymous, you
have to tell Linux, Gnome in this case, to use Tor. Go to System
→ Preferences menu, choose ‘Network Proxy’ from the
‘Location’ select ‘new location’ and choose a name, for example,
“Browsing with Tor” check ‘Manual Proxy Configuration’, enter in
the ‘SOCKS Host:’ and as ‘Port’ 9050 (Fig. 1).”

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