GoblinX – An Alternative OS With 4 Different Flavors

“After five years of development, they are still basing their
distribution on Slackware and trying to ease the use of keeping it
simple without assuming they know everything every user might

“GoblinX began life as one of the strangest looking distros
available. With its goblin logo, Halloween colors, gawdy window
decorations, and strange wallpapers it surely gave its users a
unique experience. Today, GoblinX tries to appear more mainstream,
but they still refuse to bow to the tide.

“The developers include little that’s not Open Source,
which means no proprietary drivers, codecs, or plugins. What they
do is provide a nice stable environment with handy applications.
Most hardware is detected and auto-configured, but some wireless
Ethernet cards may need manual configuration. Fortunately, unlike
some distros, they have included Ndiswrapper for those who require
Windows drivers to activate their wireless network interface
controller in order to access the Internet.”

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