Google bets on ARM to kill both Intel and Microsoft?

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“Both Atom (netbook) and CULV (T&L notebooks) are
predominantly sold as Windows OS based machines. The good old
Wintel duopoly drags on to further both companies aim of
maintaining market share and margins. Good for all parties, except
of course, the consumer who would like to continue buying cheap
netbooks with gradual performance increases.

“Where Swords Clash
Intel has also developed their own Linux based Moblin OS and
Mobilin Garage (appstore for Moblin) which is targeted at the
netbook market. These are Intel’s first steps on to
Google’s home turf. Where Android and Chrome OS intersect,
Moblin begins its life.

“So how can Google compete with Windows and Moblin? Easy…
remove Intel from the equation. What do you replace Intel

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