GPS, Or Why Men STILL Won’t Ask for Directions…

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Ford’s Sync comes in two basic flavors: one without the mapping
software and one with. The Fiesta’s dash doesn’t have room for the
maps, sadly, and so you have to go through some gyrations to get
the turn-by-turn directions. The best way is to go to Google Maps
on your PC before your trip and enter your starting and ending
points. Google has been enhancing its mapping software service, and
one button that I haven’t noticed until now is labeled “SEND.” You
can choose to send it to your Sync-equipped car, to various Onstar
vehicles, and a few others, as well as to an add-on GPS unit or to
an email account. It is pretty spooky, because if you choose to
send it to your car, it waits for your phone to pair up, with your
car and then downloads the turns.”