GraphicsMuse: Interview with Greg Sanders, themes.org site manager

[ Thanks to Michael J. Hammel for this
link. ]

“Themes.org is the definitive site for themes, configurations
which turn ordinary run of the mill window managers and desktops
into funky space ports or fake Macs. Themes are popular among
the more advanced crowd because they allow the desktop to be
extremely personalized, changing the shape of window frames,
desktop pagers, icons and icon bars, and menus.

“Greg Sanders is the Site Manager for themes.org, a site started
by Trae McCombs (who now runs Linux.com) and which is a community
site sponsored by VA Linux Systems. Recently, I sat down with Greg
for a nice long phone interview to talk about who he is, how he got
there, and all the important issues involved with running this kind
of high traffic site.”

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