Groklaw: Interview with FSFE’s President Georg Greve

“Q: OK, I’m sitting here with Georg Greve of the Free Software
Foundation Europe, he’s in fact the president of the Free Software
Foundation Europe and he’s had quite a long day at the hearings in
Luxembourg for the Microsoft appeal and I should say he’s had a
long week because prior to that he was in Brazil [for the
Fórum Internacional Software Livre]. Now, I have prepared a
few questions and why don’t we get right into it? Now, first of
all, what can you tell us, how has it gone today? How has it gone
these past few days? What’s your general impression about how it’s

“GG: My general impression is more or less positive. There’s
always things that you wish had gone better. There’s always things,
you know, where you think, you know, that did not necessarily, you
know, give the right impression. You always kind of try to wonder,
you know, to see how the judges are reacting and wonder how they
take it, you know, what impression do they get from the different
statements. Overall, I think it looks good. I’m fairly certain that
we do not have to be pessimistic about the outcome of this case so
far. We have not screwed up royally; all the sides on the side of
the European Commission did a good job; one or two things may have
been improved possibly, but I think overall we had a good