Groklaw: Now They Say They Are Down — Since Saturday Night

“It’s certainly hard to keep up with the changing SCO story. One
Groklaw reader says he thinks the explanation is that SCO is being
run by Eliza bots, and they can’t get the story straight as they
try to communicate, bot to bot.

“Now they say that actually some attack began Saturday evening
and they are knocked to their knees. Off the internet totally. But
they have some strategies to cope and by Monday they will tell us
what they are.

“How about implementing them now? Then you don’t have to tell us
anything. It seems now would be the operative moment. Someone tell
Hal to behave. Or Eliza. Or whoever is running that spaceship.

“Meanwhile, Microsoft, targeted for Tuesday, and being a
professional software company, has already said they expect to be
able to handle whatever comes their way. It seems the B version of
MyDoom has some bugs so it isn’t spreading well anyway. Ah, irony.
Here’s SCO’s press release about their inability to cope…”


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